When You Have Nothing

Photography by AnaKarenPrieto

“When you have nothing, you rely on Jesus for everything.”

-Gary “Wally” Wallace

Radio is not something I usually enjoy, but today was different. After scraping ice off my car this chilly morning, I jumped into my already warmed-up car and hit the “power” button on the radio. I knew what would happen: I was going to listen to one or two songs, and after two or three commercials I would  get annoyed and either turn it off or switch modes. As I listened to the radioperson go on about sponsoring a child, I felt like it was a sign to at least change the station, but I hesitated. My family sponsors three kids, yet what I was drawn into was the story of a little boy who sang Jesus Loves Me. Now, this was nothing like the Sunday Bible School song we heard as kids (you know: “Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so…”), it was just the words “Jesus loves me” over and over with one constant melody and beat. After a few times of singing this one phrase, the boy’s voice broke. The melody shifted because of the boy’s inability to keep his emotions inside. When asked why he started to cry, he said it was because he felt Jesus in his heart.

This brought me to question some things: Do I sing “Jesus loves me” with a true understanding of why He does, or do I simply believe this because “the Bible tells me so”? This little boy reminded me about what my focus each and every day should be. In the midst of worrying about paying for school and stressing about being late to work because I have to scrape ice of my car, I was in need of my Jehovah Shalom. This boy allowed himself to be taken over by his EVERYTHING while I took my everything for granted. This boy may not know as much Scripture as some of us might think we do, but he knows that we are all loved children of the King of kings no matter where we live, what we have, or who we are.

Needless to say, I actually did enjoy listening to the radio this morning. I listened to one radio station, I managed to not hear any commercials, and I made it to work on time despite the maniac drivers and icy roads. I look forward to a new journey with my readers; writing a blog frightens me just a little bit, but I know I’ll get through it soon enough. Blessings to all on this beautiful winter day.

Yes, Jesus loves me.


3 thoughts on “When You Have Nothing

  1. I really enjoyed this blog. Truly opened my eyes to the things I should be focusing on, on a daily basis rather than the things I am focused on. Thank You for reminding us all of what we SHOULD be focused on!

    • It amazes me how continually God captures our attention in the simple things. Moments like you had with the little boy on the radio are always humbling and refocusing. Great job on your post! I enjoyed reading your honest, pure style of writing.

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