New Wardrobe

Photography by AnaKarenPrieto

I hate shopping.

There, I said it. 

I can go shopping when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary: for example, when I need a new (insert item here) and I know exactly what color I am looking for and exactly what my price limit is. I cannot simply go to the mall to roam into shops and randomly buy random items at a random price. 

That being said, I have had this sudden urge to want to go shopping for the last few weeks.  The first weekend I felt this way, my boyfriend and I attempted to go shopping. This resulted in us stumbling into the movie theater that just re-opened and watching a completely random film that had neither rhyme nor reason. But this was OKAY with me, because we at least tried to shop. 

The next weekend I felt the same exact way, so my boyfriend accompanied me to an outdoor mall far away from home. We shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped, but we bought nothing for the first hour or so. After this frustrating purchase-less walk, we made a final stop at American Eagle. I am very particular with the way I dress. I do not go with typical fashions; I like being eccentric. They had PINK tights! Oh yeah, NEON PINK tights. I FOUND MY PURCHASE!!!! After that, I found so many items I loved, that I had a hard time choosing, so I ended up buying more than I had planned (this is probably why I hate shopping). 

Anyways, this story is not about a physical wardrobe. Tricked you! Not really… this particular story IS about a physical wardrobe. 🙂

An inspiring couple (we will call them the Smiths) invited my boyfriend and me to lunch at their home after church. We went over and they loved on us like crazy. In the midst of all sorts of conversations, we were asked one of the hardest questions ever:


“What can we do to support you?”






We had never been asked this question before. I encountered the Father’s heart in a way I had never before encountered it. 

Needless to say, we did not know how to answer this question. 

There is so much more to say about that, but I will stop there because I’m talking about a wardrobe here…. Mrs. Smith started to talk directly to me and how God wanted to give me a new wardrobe (in a spiritual sense). I wish I could explain how significant this was for me. I needed words of encouragement at that very moment. I needed reassurance. I needed a new wardrobe to come before my King.  


Have a great week, my fellow bloggers!

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