2012: The First Season

This is the beginning a Visual Narrative I wrote for my Multimedia Composition class. I wish I could copy the formatting and what-not, but I will try to keep it similar (as far as the formatting goes). Enjoy!

The road seemed endless, yet full of light. This photo is special to me because of the journey I encountered this past year. Nothing stood in my way of me and my future; life took off. With a road of seasons ahead of me, I drove on. Twenty- twelve started with the planting of a church. A seed I never expected to see bloom so quickly did, as the church plant grew to over a hundred members. Spring came and went with a sudden death. From weddings in beautiful places to job opportunities in places of influence, summer overjoyed me. Even then, Autumn reminded me that life is frail and that cherishing every moment is more than a cliché. Winter ended the year with a bang! My car became infatuated with my being in the driver’s seat encountering one journey after the next. 

The planting of the seed marked a new beginning for me. Stepping out of my comfort zone could be a way to start describing the path I chose to step onto. Not only did I want to run away from worship ministry, but I also wanted to run away from planting a church. Because of past experience, I knew church planting would not be a good idea for myself and my family. Knowing this, I jumped in and got soaked. 

I felt appreciated and loved. 

“Thank You” cards were a new experience for me. I hardly received them until I started attending this new church, and they made me feel so special!

It opened up a new me and it allowed me to see life and church and God in a different light.  

Although this was a great season, it ended with a sudden death. Sudden death means sudden death: a friend of the family’s was killed in a motorcycle accident. This deeply affected my performance in the semester; my heart needed healing. Life became extremely difficult for me at this point. Change was coming without my wanting it, but it only made me stronger. Healing came in the summertime. 

More to come in the next few weeks.

On a bit of a side note:

My sister and I may or may not have gotten stuck in the snow on an unnecessary junk food trip to the grocery store while trying to drive up our icy driveway. Whoops! Oh, did I forget to mention it was in my mom’s 2013 birthday present? Oh, did I also forget to mention that we lost our snow shovel? Oh, and did I forget to mention that we got out by using a real shovel and car ice scrapers? Oh man, the things we do for junk food (first world problem).

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