The Bible Series

Have you watched it yet? Apparently it is one of the most popular shows on TV right now. I am not surprised that people who love it watch and people who hate it watch it. Blogosphere is going crazy with this series. One of the blogs I read mentioned heresy and inaccuracy and gaps, which is completely subjective (that’s the beauty of the internet). 

I personally love the series, it helps me to visualize the stories of the Bible and to see the characters in action. Yes, there are gaps in the series, but c’mon! It is a short series on a book that spans thousands of years! Obviously they cannot cover all of that. The greatest thing about that Bible is that it is full of mystery… 

I love the mystery that Jesus is. 

Today, my boyfriend preached his first sermon at Freedom Fellowship (our home church). It was also the first time he wasn’t up on stage with the worship team (as our worship pastor). It is hard to get used to him also being one of my pastors… But I love it! He is my inspiration, my everything, my dearest love. Just to end my rant, I am happy with him.

Church changes lives. This is what I will be filming my documentary on. I love my church family and I want to show everyone how important it is to build community with your fellow brothers and sisters. 

I am so excited to be working on it, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone! 

On one final note, I am taking a Shakespeare class has encouraged me to read the bible more in depth and with more understanding. I have been examining passages with a more open mind and I’m trying to see things in a different light. I love re-reading stories from a different perspective and picking out new ideas. 

I’m done being random. 

Have a great week, bloggers!!!

2 thoughts on “The Bible Series

  1. I love The Bible series! It is also good for me to visualize, especially since I am the worst when it comes to paying attention to details. I didn’t grow up in the church, so I never got Sunday School lessons on stories. And when I read through the old testament, sometimes I still struggle with what’s actually going on, so this series is awesome for those bigger stories. Also, the actors that they picked for David is exactly how I always pictured him, so that’s pretty awesome:)
    Anyways, I’m so stoked to hear about your documentary! Gahhh, that’s such a good idea. I seriously can’t wait til we can watch it. I’m actually leaving for a mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico on Friday, so my documentary will be on our trip. It’s so encouraging to know that there are others wanting to incorporate their faith and passion for Christ into school and show others!

    • Wow, that’s great! Enjoy your mission trip, I can’t wait to watch the documentary… I have a feeling it’s going to be awesome!

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