Researching for this documentary has been really exciting, and I love being able to read some testimonies on small groups and how they have impacted lives. I do believe that we live in a cold world in which we don’t have time to be warm with one another. A world in which we can “generate” our own warmth. A world that allows us to live our lives with no true connection to other human beings. Our relationships are very superficial and temporary. 

This week, I was able to hang out with my childhood best friend. I will call her Emily for this story. Emily and I went through good times and bad times (as most best friends do). We grew up alongside one another and we held tight to one another despite unfortunate circumstances. I can truly say that she is my sister. I am so proud of her. 

Emily now inhabits a strange and desert city in the southwest (which happens to be the city we were both born in). We keep in touch, but with busy lives we tend to drift apart. There are days when I just text her to remind her I love her, and there are days where she’ll do the same. We keep in touch. She was in Colorado a few weeks back, but I was not aware of it, so I texted her (as I usually would); she didn’t text me. Saddened, I sent her a letter-in-the-form-of-text for her birthday, explaining how sad I was and how much I still loved her.

No reply.  

We keep in touch…. 

This week, she came to Colorado to visit. She didn’t let me know, but I happened to be going to the same place as her. As soon as she saw me, she gave me a puppy-dog face and hugged me tightly. I could never be mad at such a sweet girl. I’m glad we keep in touch. Regardless of the chaos that this week was for me, I found time to be with my girl and reconnect. I’m glad we still keep in touch. 


All I’m trying to say with this is that having long-lasting relationships with other people makes a difference in lives. Without people like Emily and my family and my boyfriend and my church family, I would live a very “cold” life. I want people to feel the warmth that a small group can provide. I want people to feel the love that small groups portray. I want people to feel connected and involved. These are all great feelings, and I am open to discussing why some small groups are not this way and what we can do to change small groups into this “warm” environment. 

Have a warm and blessed week, bloggers!

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