Third Season: Autumn



A pain too difficult to explain.

[My father with his mother during one of the toughest days of their lives (as well

as my own). Losing a loved one hurts beyond words.]

This photo captures the essence of going through the fire.

Grandma “Chepis” suffered a stroke a few years ago; as she recovers from the pain of not being able to communicate her thoughts or walk on her own, she was hit a second time with the death of her husband. As Autumn approached itself, my Grandpa rolled over in a van and passed away almost instantly. The sound of her tears stabbed my heart every minute I passed with her head in my shoulder. My family and I traveled a thousand miles to go to a funeral we never expected to come so soon. With many years still ahead of him, with a large family left behind, with a pain too difficult to explain, I (along with the entire Prieto family) endured the tragedy.

There is still yet another chapter to this season, but for now I will leave you here.



My documentary is slowly-but-surely coming together, with interviews set up and research being done non-stop.

It’s that point in the semester where everything seems to pile up and make huge mountains of stress, so I am trying to chill as much as possible before I pass out due to anxiety.

Goodness, I am being random.

I’m ranting.

I love my piano student (thanks for being so dedicated, B!!!) She has been learning her scales and trying to figure out the circle of fifths without me by her side to guide her. We have both been swamped and have not had a chance to meet for a lesson. I am so blessed to have this woman by my side. She always makes me smile, and her laugh is contagious! She is strong and full of passion, she teaches me that being persistent with God really does work. She is an inspiration to many. She shows God’s love in her actions. She is sincere and full of love to share with those around her. Be encouraged all the time, B! I pray for you a lot because I know He has great things in store for you and your hubby. Thanks for reading my blog… You make me feel so special! 🙂

Good night to all and to all a happy week!

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