Progress, Surprises, Setbacks

Here’s my update on the documentary that I have been working on for Multimedia Composition:


Due to some unfortunate scheduling quirks, I was only able to interview two of my three scheduled people (Sam and Tim), but I got some great material! The video is coming together and it is looking great. I have been playing around with the editing software quite a bit, and I have added interview videos and pictures, text and even some music. I am excited about how it’s turning out, and I cannot wait to share the final product soon! I had to add one more question to my original interview list, but that was a quick and easy fix. I decided to go with people from my church, Freedom Fellowship, to make it seem less all-over-the- place with many people from many different churches. I am not sure if this was a good or bad idea just yet, but I will find out soon. I have found some great resources that I can incorporate into my video documentary such as a YouTube clip and written material from my main sources.


Nothing has surprise me quite yet, other than the fact that I am having some difficulties with editing videos correctly. The interviews went great, but I just had a hard time getting the documentary ball rolling as far as editing goes. It was a struggle to figure out a lot of quirks in the program, and I had to really maneuver my way through the whole program to figure simple things out. I figured I would have some trouble, but I spent hours on the same clip, editing and re-editing, and adding a transition and a picture and adjusting audio levels. It has just been a crazy journey.


I still have a couple of interviews left, or at least one more, but I am confident that I am at a great position to finish this documentary soon and although my milestone is not fully accomplished, I made up for some of that time by starting with the editing process and building the storyline. I only hope for the best with the remaining interview(s). There is still lots to do, but I am looking forward to getting all the material set into iMovie and finalizing it soon!


As I have already mentioned numerous times, I am more excited about this project as I continue working on it! Every new step has gotten me feeling ecstatic about what the final product will look like, and I honestly cannot wait to share it with the class (and I guess the world too). 

Happy blogging!

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