I like Bridges. I hate Bridges. I love Bridges.


Different types of bridges everywhere. Not only architecturally different, but purpose-wise different. You’ve got your over-a-river bridges, your highway-mouse-trap bridges, your across-the-volcano bridges (like the one in Shrek), your build-a-bridge-during-a-flash-flood creations (as shown in picture below), and the list goes on and on. Image

Now, these types of physical bridges are the ones I like. I like being able to cross a river without getting wet or swept away for that matter. I like being able to take a different bridge to get to a different place in town. I like being able to get to have the choice of a bridge if I ever want to save a princess from a dragon-owned castle. I like being able to get to the other side of the street when the water is up to my calves. 

The second types of bridges are the ones I don’t like. You’ve heard the expression of “burning your bridges” and you may have used it a few times. Why do we say this? We say  it because it makes sense. If you leave anywhere on bad terms, you have burnt a bridge. You have lost the opportunity to use this/that person in the future, and you will probably regret burning that bridge. I say I hate these types of bridges, but I like the idea. It’s hard to please everyone, and it’s hard to stay connected to everyone. I know there have been times where I wish I could have stayed in contact with someone whom I could have used as a reference, or I could have learned from, etc. Doesn’t that seem selfish, though? I mean, I could just learn to do these things on my own. I could find reference with people I am acquainted with today, I could just learn new things from new people and not have to rely on the past and my “bridges” to do so. I might just be crazy, but the expression is a weird one. Sometimes, you’ve just got to burn bridges in order to move forward. Yet sometimes you’ve gotta hang on to certain bridges for as long as possible because they can come in handy when you least expect it. It can be difficult to distinguish which is which. though. And that is why I hate the expression (more like “highly dislike”, not hate). Moral of the story: Don’t burn your bridges (but remember the fine print). 🙂

Bridges I love are song bridges. These are the sporadic and sometimes chaotic sections of songs in which the order of the song is broken and many times a new chord progression is introduced to change it up a bit. Bridges are unexpected tid-bits. When I listen to a new song, I listen to the bridge the closest. If the entire song is awfully written, but the bridge is awesomely written, I crazily think that amazing bridge can compensate for the rest of the awfully written song. Seriously, I have a problem with bridges being such an important part of songs.  

Just thought I’d share my thought on bridges today. 

Enjoy your week, bloggers!


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