The Final-ish Post

My documentary is almost complete, my semester is a couple weeks from over. As much as I’d love to continue posting and blogging, I hardly find time to do so! 2013 is looking up, and so am I. This semester has been, by far, one of my favorites. Every class has been extremely interesting, informative, and incredible. Statistics was not as difficult as I imagined it was going to be, but it was largely due to the fact that my professor is the best at what she does. Shakespeare has been taking me across the pond and back in time. From Twelfth Night to The Tempesteach play has been intriguing and relatable.


Grammar & Rhetoric has been challenging yet fun. The professor has kept each concept interesting and involves all the students in group thinking. I love it. Multimedia Composition has been harder than I expected, but I’m surprised I made it as far as making my own mini-documentary. Going into this class, I felt as if I would not make it, but I stayed strong and kept my cool. I am now on the flip side of things, I am ready to finalize my documentary and I am ready to do more from what I have learned about my access to and new knowledge of multimedia.

My crazy world has just gotten crazier; I love it! Yes, I have about one-hundred things on my plate, but summer is almost here and I am ready to make the most of it. My birthday is a nationally recognized holiday this year, so I am taking a four-day weekend (and getting paid for it too!). My brother is graduating that Friday… I didn’t think that day would come either (it feels as if he has been in high school for eight years, rather than four). I love that kid. Work is awesome, school is school, and church is only getting better!

It has been over one year that we planted the church, and we are going strong! This weekend was our first weekend without the “parents” at church (aka: our Lead Pastors). It was definitely a new experience, but it all worked out and we are glad that they had an opportunity to get away for a bit. This whole “outside the box” idea has been thrown out the window completely; that is definitely a good thing. Going outside that conventional box opens up our worlds, it allows us to be open to more things. I am so proud of our leadership team. The culture of honor I have experienced has spoken volumes to my life. Not only do I recognize that this culture of honor needs to be practiced in church leadership,but I have also recognized that this culture of honor needs to be practiced in my full-time workplace. Honoring those in our teams is essential to making it functional. Dishonor only leads to destruction. If you are more interested in learning more about the Culture of Honor, read Danny Silk’s book (I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone in ministry teams).

Culture of HonorNow, I am not saying that this is it for me as far as blogging goes. I love doing it, but it takes time! I will continue to try and blog every here and there, and I will update you all on my crazy life events. 😉 For today, I have posted this final “course-mandatory” blogpost, but I have enjoyed every second of writing for you! Here is my cheesy statement and cliché for you:  This is not goodbye, it is merely “see you later!” As always, have a fabulous week, bloggers! I hope to write again in the near future.

P.S. Keep a lookout this week for my Final Documentary! 🙂

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